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We are a group of dynamic professionals with exceptional expertise and extensive experience in delivering innovative and tangible results for building businesses and brands.

SMART LAW SOLUTIONS Solicitor Consultancy

We combine our global expertise with local sensitivities to deliver results that are most suitable and appropriate for the public as well as our clients..

We are passionate about creating a fascinating visual experience for the brands by blending interactive, intuitive, and captivating content & visuals that make the brands relevant & strong. We make it our business to understand yours and develop mechanisms to decipher your business goals into tangible outcomes.

We adopt cutting edge technologies to develop solutions that enable our clients to stay ahead of the market & their competitors. Our approach has a strong client focus schematic that helps to deliver excellence in all projects.


Client-focused &
Results driven

Capitalize on Low Hanging Fruit To Identify A Ballpark Value Added Activity To Beta Test.

Vision – Our vision is firmly grounded in the belief that helping businesses develop & grow, will in itself contribute to the growth & development of the entire society.

Mission – Our mission is to develop systems & processes that enable Brands to achieve excellence through high-quality outputs.

Values – Our values include a commitment to help you & your brand reach the highest levels of excellence, the integrity of approach to building trust, confidentiality, to safeguard client data, innovation & improvisation to come up with solutions that promote sustainability & viability.

Certifications - We have ISO 9001 certification from QMS as all our systems & processes are geared towards ensuring quality.
We also have ISO 27001 certification as a mark of our commitment to IT security.

CSR – We consider it a duty to give back to society so that development does not remain limited to the resourceful & affluent. We partner with leading NGOs in offering skill development training to the underprivileged sections of society. We also assist with the education of children from BPL families. We regularly undertake plantation drives to improve the green cover of our surrounding areas for the betterment of the environment.

We facilitate the incubation of an idea into a viable business and also promote it across trending platforms. Our fresh perspectives help you uncover possibilities that you may not have imagined. The success of our clients is the measure of our success.

We work with brands who aim to express their future through their works. The present business environment is fuelled by disruption and the organizations need to think beyond conventional processes to stay relevant. Our Values are our core beliefs, guiding our actions and behaviours. These values are shared across every level and function, in which we operate and therefore, they are the foundation of our unique culture. These values enable us to bring out the best in our people and give us a shared language to collaborate across teams and functions, leveraging their market knowledge, and specialized insight more efficiently.


Great Clients
Awesome Reviews

When we embarked on our journey of creating a fashion label for the discerning customers, we had a vague notion of what to expect. Niche Business Solutions helped us along by very skillfull handholding & making the right decisions that established our brand in the market in a very short span of time. 

Varun Singh

Fashion Marketing

We are a traditional brick & mortar hospitaliy business with not much faith in digital marketing. Initially when we engaged Niche Business Solutions for developing our website & running a digital marketing campaign we were highly skeptical but we got a pleasant surprise when Niche Business Solutions proved our apprehensions were unfounded. 

Anushka Singh

Hospitality Services

I have had the great pleasure of working with Niche for past 4 years. They have been instrumental in building our brand and establishing it in the market and also providing us with a distinct identity. We had never dreamt of taking our brand to this height. 

Anuj Verma

Digital Branding

We run a self help group for females from the underserved section of the society. We got to know about NBS from an industry association. NBS greatly helped us in getting some international funding as well as clients which turned the fortune of our organization. 

Anand Sharma

Business Organisation

My experience of web development by Niche Business Solutions was pretty pleasant. They managed the process of development of my software efficiently & skillfully. Working with Yateesh and his team was a wonderful experience. 

Simran Rathore

Educational Institute

I feel Niche Business Solutions has been very professional and understood my needs. They have indepth knowledge of the latest technological advancement and how to apply that technology. Their guidance helped me to upgrade the development to a very useful product for the market; they were very patient while I decided what I wanted. 

Sanjeev Thakur

Manufacturing Company

Niche Business Solutions was referred to me by a trusted client who had recently used their services for the development & launch of an app. I was extremely pleased with the response time & level of involvement for my project (development of a specific software) during the proposal stage. 

Tufail Pathan

Management Consultant

I, on behalf of my company, would like to express deep appreciation for the wonderful job & excellent service that Niche Business solutions provided in developing our first ever app.

Shashwat Tripathi

Manufacturing Company

Congratulations Niche Business Solutions team, you have a delivered great output. Your amazing team of professionals has tremendous quality. 

Amit Saxena

Financial Consultant

The extent of success of a startup is defined by how well it can adapt to the user feedback; We are fortunate to have Niche Business Solutions as a development partner.

Sumit Thakur

Stell Production

I would like to express my heatfelt & sincere gratitude to Niche Business Solutions for their exceptional commitment to our project. 

Nidhi Agrawal

Business Consultancy

Copyright by Niche Business Solutions. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Niche Business Solutions. All rights reserved.